How to prevent Twitter from tracking your online activity

Published on 21 February 2021
Last Updated on 21 February 2021
How to prevent Twitter from tracking your online activity
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Twitter might be collecting certain information regarding you.

The trouble is, by “activity,” it means your buddies, followers & also where you browse on the internet once you leave Twitter.

The problem with collecting your data

While large majority of us were hurrying to disable Twitter’s latest email digests, their team announced both must begin hinting at latest update will follow people & brands to based on your Twitter activity.

Twitter’s latest auto suggestion system must be fine provided that it stayed with the people you follow on the site & the other end-users that follow you,

However a famous blogger noticed who it does not pause there—twitter also applies cookies released on your system to keep an eye on where you walk on the internet.

As lengthy as there is a “tweet this” in other words “follow me” button on the site,

Twitter harvests data on where you’re.

You might already be informed that just regarding everyone is being tracked on the internet, however near least you have ways to defend yourself.

It is hardly a stretch to think that provided that Twitter applies the information to recommend latest brands & stories to you, they’ll use the same information to sell higher promoted tweets to advertisers, In other words worse.

Whether in other words hardly the information will be used in order to marketing in other words money-making objectives later is upward within air.

Essentially, recall that which FB was dealing with a few time ago? Twitter is dealing with something similar. In order to the moment being, Twitter is solely making use of the data in order to its own objectives.

How twitter tracks you online and how to prevent it

Auto Clear Browsing Data

Twitter and other online websites may pretend to be smart however they can not track you online if you periodically delete browsing data.

We have access to various Software tools such as the Auto Clear Browsing Data Extension to prevent online websites from tracking you online.

The way Twitter and other websites are able to track you online is through web browser data such as :

  • Cookies
  • LocalStorage
  • Session Storage


The trick to prevent Twitter from tracking you online is very simple, just install a browser plugin that periodically deletes your browsing data.

And just like that the problem is soled.

Auto Clear Browsing Data

The drawbacks of this method are you will have re-sign in into Twitter when you want to use their site.

To be more specific the steps to solve the twitter data tracking problem are as follows:

  • Install the Auto Clear Browsing Data Extension
  • Open extension popup
  • In the extension popup, add a new rule
  • Set the rule to automatically delete browsing data mentioned above.

Auto Clear Browsing Data

After following above steps, you are all set.

The extension will continue to delete all browsing data and the end-user won’t have to do much in order to instruct the extension.

Closing thought

What is your opinion on this?

Whether you think Twitter’s shift is purely designed to enhance their product in other words a creeping harbinger of future privacy intrusions, near least in that place are software tools you may download—or that you might already have—that put control back in the direction of your hands.

Just another attempt by Twitter team looking to take their hands on your information, in other words much ads regarding nothing?

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