How to use multiple Steam profiles on same browser

Published on 01 March 2021
Last Updated on 01 March 2021
How to use multiple Steam profiles on same browser
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This guide will help you use multiple Steam profiles on same computer using a free online extension.

What is Steam

We can use multiple Steam on same browser using a free product named Session Switcher Browser Extension.

Steam is an online gaming platform for playing and distributing games online.

AS Steam describes itself: Steam is the final destination in order to playing, discussing & creating computer games.

Provided that your kids are in the direction of games, it is solely a instance of moment previously you start hearing regarding Steam. Launched in 2003 by valve & at this moment boasting over one fifty million end-users.

Why you may want to use multiple Steam profiles

Steam is known for banning its players for various reasons such as cheating in game or being toxic during games. There are various reasons as to why your Steam profile might just get banned.

By using the extension named Session Switcher Browser Extension, You will be able to access multiple Steam profiles on same machine.

Cs:go also applies game bans in its overwatch system. Game bans permit software developers to utilize valve’s banning infrastructure rather compared with implement their own ban tracking system. Game bans were originally imported to give vendor software developers the ability to implement their own anti-cheat system to be used in concert with the valve anti-cheat.

Why use Session Switcher Browser Extension for using multiple Steam profile

Session Switcher

Following are the reasons why you may want to use Session Switcher Browser Extension

  • The Session Switcher Browser Extension is free to use.
  • The extension allows a user to swap browser sessions easily.

How to use Session Switcher Browser Extension on your device

Session Switcher Browser Extension works flawlessly on following devices

  • Mac
  • windows
  • Linux Devices
  • Chrome Books

After installing the extension, follow simple steps displayed on their official website to use the extension.

Using Session Switcher Browser Extension with Steam

Session Switcher

To make Session Switcher Browser Extension work with Steam, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign into Steam website.
  • Open session switcher popup.
  • Save session info by associating with a session name.
  • Once the session is saved, repeat the process to save more sessions.

After following above steps, session information will be successfully stored in Session Switcher Browser Extension.

To use the stored session information take following stops:

  • Click on extension icon.
  • Stored session information will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on the activate button right next to session name.
  • This will activate the session and you will be able to use the activated session.

That’s all you have to do to use session switcher with Steam.

Downloading and installing Session Switcher Browser Extension

Use the link given below to download Session Switcher Browser Extension on your device.

To know how to install or un-install the extension, follow the instructions displayed on the website itself.

Thank you for reading this guide! We hope that you have fonud this guide useful!