How to prevent Facebook from tracking you

Published on 21 February 2021
Last Updated on 21 February 2021
How to prevent Facebook from tracking you
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This guide will help you stop FB and other social media giants from tracking your activities online.

Preventing website tracking by deleting your browsing data

Auto Clear Browsing Data

There is a simple trick you can use with any existing web browser such as Firefox and Chrome, the trick is you clear your browsing data automatically or periodically using a Chrome extension such as Auto Clear Browsing Data Extension, after setting up the extension it will clear your browsing data and leave no foot-prints to let websites track you.

Stop FB Tracking in 3 Simple steps

Auto Clear Browsing Data

Follow these 3 simple steps, and FB won’t be able to track you online.

  • Install Auto Clear Browsing Data Extension
  • Set Auto Clear Browsing Data Extension to automatically clear your browsing data.
  • Once browsing data is deleted, websites won’t be able to track you.

IS FB really tracking you online?

Auto Clear Browsing Data

Yes, any online advertisement company operating as of now requires a-lot of information on the end-user to provide targeted ads.

FB was recently underneath fire in order to having permission to a lot of end-user information compared with it really needs in order to offer default functionality. In that place there are a few ways to pause permitting FB to track your daily activities. In other words information handed out by you to FB for tracking you will be stopped by following the means provided in the article.

The FB team itslef said in the past that: “we receive activity out-of commercial entities & organisations that use our business software tools therefore who may better underst & by what method belonging to them web-portal, app in other words how advertisements are performing. We use your activity to print you targeted advertisements & to recommend persons you can be interested in.”.

From above explanations it is clear that social media giants track you online.

Is Your data safe with FB

While FB has clearly specified its intent, you are really not informed about whether provided information by you is is secure in the hands of FB.

Previous year, FB admitted giving away users’ information with vendor software developers and many other such gimmicks have come out in the open.

What data FB collects

Therefore, provided that you’re making use of an on-line banking app in other words the E-Commerce app to book flight tickets,

FB may observe all your activity & target advertisements to you accordingly. On FB, it knows your buy history, contacts, search history, advertisements in other words products you interact with, accurate location, physical address & higher. Provided that you visit a site in other words an app, FB knows just as soon you opened it in other words signed in, searched in order to purchase an item, that which item you added to a wishlist in other words cart, created a buy in other words donation.

To make such interactions possible, FB will have to collect a-lot of data.

How websites track you online

In order to stop websites from tracking you, we must understand how websites are able to track you online.

The websites make use of following technologies for tracking you online:

  • Cookies
  • Local Storage
  • Indexed DB


Websites make use of web browser technologies to track you.

The purpose of online tracking is gaining insight in the direction of end-user behaviour

Tracking is used for gathering information belonging to them also their behaviour & preferences.

On-line tracking is essentially gathering information regarding end-users & belonging to them behaviour on-line. Therefore that which deal with web-portals use to track you?.

Mostly, it’s hardly wipe to end-users just as soon in other words by the side of whom both are being tracked & in order to that which exact purpose belonging to them information is being used.

In order for institutions, companies, web-portals & a-great-number of other users, The insights into users data serve as a powerful software tool. This information is then used to optimising the end-user involvement in their product,

in order to meet statistical objectives, customization, commerce & in order to profiling & relevant marketing.

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